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Plant species within the ORCHIDACEAE family are shown below. For quick access to family details, visit our ORCHIDACEAE family page.
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Record Format
Scientific NameCommon NameFamilyGenus Specimens
Accepted Name Bletia purpurea   Orchidaceae Bletia
Accepted Name Brassia caudata   Orchidaceae Brassia
Accepted Name Cochleanthes flabelliformis   Orchidaceae Cochleanthes
Accepted Name Dendrophylax barrettiae   Orchidaceae Dendrophylax
Accepted Name Dilomilis elata   Orchidaceae Dilomilis
Accepted Name Dinema polybulbon   Orchidaceae Dinemia
Accepted Name Elleanthus cephalotus   Orchidaceae Elleanthus
Accepted Name Elleanthus cordidactylus   Orchidaceae Elleanthus
Accepted Name Elleanthus longibracteatus   Orchidaceae Elleanthus
Accepted Name Eltroplectris calcarata   Orchidaceae Eltroplectris
Accepted Name Encyclia angustifolia   Orchidaceae Encyclia
Accepted Name Epidendrum anceps   Orchidaceae Epidendrum
Accepted Name Epidendrum angustifolium   Orchidaceae Epidendrum
Accepted Name Epidendrum nocturnum   Orchidaceae Epidendrum
Accepted Name Habenaria distans   Orchidaceae Habenaria
Accepted Name Habenaria monorrhiza   Orchidaceae Habenaria
Accepted Name Isochilus linearis   Orchidaceae Isochilus
Accepted Name Lepanthes sanguinea   Orchidaceae Lepanthes
Accepted Name Lepanthes wullschlaegelii   Orchidaceae Lepanthes
Accepted Name Liparis nervosa   Orchidaceae Liparis
Accepted Name Maxillaria parviflora   Orchidaceae Maxillaria
Accepted Name Maxillariella alba   Orchidaceae Maxillariella
Accepted Name Mormolyca pudica   Orchidaceae Mormolyca
Accepted Name Oeceoclades maculata   Orchidaceae Oeceoclades
Accepted Name Pleurothallis delicatula   Orchidaceae Pleurothallis
Accepted Name Pleurothallis hirsutula   Orchidaceae Pleurothallis
Accepted Name Pleurothallis tribuloides   Orchidaceae Pleurothallis
Accepted Name Ponthieva racemosa   Orchidaceae Ponthieva
Accepted Name Prescottia stachyodes   Orchidaceae Prescottia
Accepted Name Prosthechea cochleata   Orchidaceae Prosthechea
Accepted Name Sacoila lanceolata   Orchidaceae Sacoila
Accepted Name Stelis micrantha   Orchidaceae Stelis
Accepted Name Tolumnia pulchella   Orchidaceae Tolumnia
Accepted Name Trichocentrum undulatum BROWN GAL Orchidaceae Trichocentrum
Accepted Name Tropidia polystachya   Orchidaceae Tropidia
Accepted Name Vanilla claviculata   Orchidaceae Vanilla
Accepted Name Zootrophion atropurpureum   Orchidaceae Zootrophion
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