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Plant species within the MALVACEAE family are shown below. For quick access to family details, visit our MALVACEAE family page.
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Record Format
Scientific NameCommon NameFamilyGenus Specimens
Accepted Name Ceiba pentandra SILK COTTON TREE Malvaceae Ceiba
Accepted Name Cola acuminata   Malvaceae Cola
Accepted Name Guazuma ulmifolia BASTARD CEDAR Malvaceae Guazuma
Accepted Name Ochroma pyramidale BALSA, BOMBAST MAHOE, CORKWOOD, DOWN TREE Malvaceae Ochroma
Accepted Name Pavonia paludicola SMALLER MAHOE Malvaceae Pavonia
Accepted Name Pavonia schiedeana CONGER WATCHMAN Malvaceae Pavonia
Accepted Name Talipariti elatum BLUE MAHOE, MOUNTAIN MAHOE, CUBA BARK Malvaceae Talipariti
Accepted Name Theobroma cacao CACAO, COCOA, CHOCOLATE Malvaceae Theobroma
Accepted Name Triumfetta semitriloba BUR WEED Malvaceae Triumfetta
Accepted Name Urena lobata BUR MALLOW, BALLARD BUSH Malvaceae Urena
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