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Plant species within the FABACEAE family are shown below. For quick access to family details, visit our FABACEAE family page.
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Record Format
Scientific NameCommon NameFamilyGenus Specimens
Accepted Name Abarema alexandri var. troyana SHADBARK Fabaceae Abarema
Accepted Name Adenanthera pavonina RED BEAD TREE, CIRCASSIAN SEED Fabaceae Adenanthera
Accepted Name Bauhinia divaricata BULL HOOF, MOCO JOHN Fabaceae Bauhinia
Accepted Name Calliandra portoricensis   Fabaceae Calliandra
Accepted Name Canavalia altipendula WILD OVERLOOK BEAN Fabaceae Canavalia
Accepted Name Delonix regia FLAMBOYANT, POINCIANA Fabaceae Delonix
Accepted Name Flemingia strobilifera   Fabaceae Flemingia
Accepted Name Gliricidia sepium QUICK STICK, GROW STICK, AARON'S ROD Fabaceae Gliricidia
Accepted Name Guilandina bonduc GREY NICKER, GREY NICKAL Fabaceae Guilandina
Accepted Name Guilandina intermedia   Fabaceae Guilandina
Accepted Name Samanea saman GUANGO, RAIN TREE Fabaceae Samanea
Accepted Name Senna viminea   Fabaceae Senna
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